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The goal of TCA’s dress code is to be neat in appearance and to not alienate students based on
brands names, economic standing, etc. Students will be expected to adhere to the following
guidelines. Students not in compliance with the dress code will receive one demerit and be
considered absent, will sit in the office and receive zeros for their classwork until proper clothing
has been brought for them to wear that day.

K-12th Grade - All clothing should be clean and not wrinkled.

- Jeans, cargo pants, casual pants, capris or solid colored shorts no more than 3 inches above
the knee when sitting. No striped, plaid, or camo shorts or pants.
- No athletic or basketball shorts.
- No leggings or jeggings.
- No yoga pants.
- No sweatpants, joggers, warm ups, scrubs, or any other drawstring pants.
- No rips, holes, frayed ends or any other sloppy look will be acceptable.
- Belt that buckles.
- Any girls choosing to wear a skirt or jumper must wear shorts or leggings underneath and skirt
length must be no more than 3 inches above the knee when sitting.
- No skirt or dress should be too tight or too revealing. Plunging necklines, low backlines, or
cut-out backs may not be worn. (This includes away games and banquet attire.)

- Any shirt with a collar. Any solid color (except white). Striped, plaid, or multi-colored is fine.
(no camo)
- Any TCA spirit wear sold through the school may be worn. (except white t-shirts)
- Any T-shirt or sweatshirt with a spiritual message, Christian college, Christian camp, or other
Christian organization is permitted.
- Sweater or sweatshirt may be worn over collared shirt or t-shirt as allowed above. Sweatshirts
may have a logo but NO WRITING except what is permitted.
- No sleeveless shirts, tank tops, sheer or see-through garments are to be worn.
- Shirts may not be worn over other shirts and left unbuttoned.
- No part of undergarments should be seen.
- Shirts should be long enough to not expose the mid-riff or back when reaching or bending.

- Tennis shoes, loafers, or boots may be worn. Footwear must have a toe and a heal. No

- No hats are to be worn inside the building unless given permission to do so for special attire
- No bandanas are to be worn or headbands with distracting items on them.

NO COATS OR JACKETS WILL BE WORN DURING SCHOOL with the exception of letterman
jackets on game days.