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Kindergarten — Mrs. Jennifer Freeman

Mrs. Freeman graduated from Burgettstown High School and then pursued her education at West Virginia Northern Community College and West Liberty.  She has her accreditation as a Child Development Specialist and has earned credits in Early Childhood Care and Education.  Mrs. Freeman states “I got saved at a young age but realized what it truly meant at fourteen.  I know that I am who I am today only because of God.  He has been my rock and has led me to be here with these children.”

Her favorite scripture is Philippians 4:13.  She wants people to know  “I am a Christian woman and I am very proud of where God has placed me.  I thank God for a wonderful family and great friends.”


First Grade — Mrs. Stacey Bush


Second Grade — Ms. Angie Skinner


Third Grade — Mrs. Karen Skodak


Fourth Grade — Mrs. Danielle Borsh


Fifth Grade — Mrs. Melinda Harms

Mrs. Harms has two children who have both graduated from our Academy.  Both children went on to attend the college of their choice, and were well prepared to face the academic challenges presented.  She is a graduate of Brooke High School.  She also attended both West Virginia Northern Community College and Jefferson Community College. 

Mrs. Harms states ” I accepted Jesus as her Savior at the age of ten.  I fought his leading but soon found out that he knows the past, present and future and definitely knows what is best for me.  God has done exactly what he promised.  He has never left me nor forsaken me.  Any good you see in me is Christ!  Pray for me as I serve him and endeavor to point children to him and his perfect love.”

Melinda’s favorite scriptures include Philippians 4:7, Philippians 3:13-14, Philippians 1:6, Ephesians 2:8-9 and Romans 12:1.  Mrs. Harms believes “At our Academy, our students not only receive academic instruction but also the Christian perspective as well.  I am ever grateful to the loving Christian educators that aided me in raising my children.  Both of them are serving Christ today.  The world tugs so hard on our children.  Come in and visit the school.  We may be the answer for which you’ve been looking.”


Grades 6-12

Drama, Math, History

Mrs. Lisa Ellis: Language Arts, Spanish


Mrs. Chris Tellish: Math

Mrs. Tellish taught at Central Baptist School in Cincinnati, OH before joing Tri-State Christian Academy.  She is a graduate of Cedarville College, located in Cedarville, OH where she earned a B.A. in Mathematics Education. 

Mrs. Tellish states “I had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home, which I am thankful for.  I was saved as a child and strive to bring glory and honor to God with my life.”  Some of her favorite scriptures include Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 27:1 and Philippians 4:11.



Mrs. Erin Gum: Science



Mrs. Aleisha Walton: Language Arts


Mr. Josh Butler: History


Mr. Jarrett Gum: Bible, Computer


Mr. Josh Martin: 8th Grade History


Mr. Jefferson Ellis: 6th-12th Grade Bible


Mrs. Tara Briggs: K-12th Grade Music


Mr. Todd Staley: 6th-12th Grade Art