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The mission of Tri-State Christian Academy is to provide the best academic studies and to teach our students to develop Christian values that will prepare them for employment, upper education, and to become responsible, productive Christian members of their respective future communities.



1. To exalt the name of Christ and seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness.


2. To be steadfast in prayer and diligent in our efforts to glorify God in all we say and do.


3. To help each student grow in their walk with Christ, as they study, understand and obey the Word of God and develop a Christian world and life view.


4. To provide an outstanding instructional program that places the Bible at the center of the curriculum and inspires Students, Parents, Staff, Faculty, Administration and Trustees to evaluate all they see and experience through the Word of God.


5. To provide a Christ-honoring education with an emphasis on character and strengthening intellectual growth.


6. To instill in our students the vision and practice of excellence as exceptional learners, extraordinary thinkers and Christ-honoring decision makers.


7. To instill in the heart and mind of the students a strong love and dedication to Christ, family and country.